Moving In

Moving onto campus at UMKC? Welcome to your new home away from home!

We know you’ll enjoy your Residential Life experience in one of our four facilities. Move-in is a fun and exciting time – you have the chance to make new friends and create a strong foundation for your academic year. We’ll have staff available around the clock to ensure you get settled into your space and to help you connect to campus through the numerous Welcome Week events offered before the start of classes. While this time is exciting, it can also be a bit stressful if you do not plan ahead. To help you best prepare for your journey to campus, a few helpful pieces of information are listed below.

Before Move-In


Are you wondering what to bring and what to leave at home? Download our list of suggested and prohibited items. And don’t forget to talk to your roommate, suitemates, or apartment-mates! You may find you were planning on bringing duplicate items and can instead leave those behind.

Required Vaccination

Beginning in the fall of 2015, all college students living on campus at public universities in Missouri will be required to have the meningitis vaccination. The mandate was a provision of Senate Bill 716, signed into law July 10, 2014. Students that fail to provide proof of the vaccine or an acceptable medical or religious waiver will not be allowed to occupy a residential space on campus. We recommend working with your physician or health care provider to discuss next steps.

Move-In Day

For Fall 2020, the move-in process has been updated from our process in previous years. To minimize risk due to COVID-19, we are extending the move-in period to August 17th-22nd for the Residence Halls (Johnson Hall & Oak St Hall) and the Apartments (Hospital Hill Apartments & Rockhill Apartments).

More information regarding the move-in process and requirements can be found on our associated Fall 2020 Move-In Information & Updates post.

Moving Your Items

Worried about how your belongings will get from your vehicle to your room? Don’t! Each residential facility has a number of rolling carts that can be checked out with a valid photo ID.

After Move-In

Whether you’re new to campus or returning for your final year, there’s always a lot of information to take in and numerous errands to run before classes begin. Our staff will be on hand to assist in your transition. All students will be asked to attend a wing meeting or town hall meeting to discuss the general expectations of the facility, as well as outline any events that may be occurring during Welcome Week.

There’s a lot going on once you get to campus. Check out everything happening during Welcome Week.