Here are a number of forms you may find useful as a resident of UMKC’s facilities. Please contact the Department of Residential Life if you have questions about any of the forms below.


Miscellaneous forms

  • Minor consent form
  • Roommate agreement form (in review process for Fall 2020)
  • Suitemate agreement form (in review process for Fall 2020)
  • Apartment roommate agreement form (in review process for Fall 2020)

Maintenance Requests

If something in your room is in need of attention or repair, please fill out a work order request via the link and steps below.

  • Submit a work order
  • Select “Submit a Work Order,” then “New Work Order.”
  • Select the location that needs repair or attention:
    • Choose “My Room” for any maintenance concerns in your bedroom, then click on the displayed space
    • Choose “Shared Rooms” for shared items and common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, micro fridge, etc. Bathrooms are also included in this section, even if private. Click on the applicable displayed space.
  • Select the appropriate Category and Item from the dropdown menus
  • Under “Description” include a detailed description of the issue
  • Click “Save Job” to submit the work order

Examples of items that should be requested include:

  • Problems with room furnishings
  • Heat/AC
  • Window or mini-blind issues
  • Kitchenettes on each floor
  • Problems with your bathroom/sink area

Special note:
If you have a clogged toilet, please go to the front desk, and they will give you a plunger. You are responsible for plunging the toilet first. If the problem persists, contact the front desk and report it.

Please enter only one maintenance request at a time. If you are experiencing more than one maintenance related problem, they need to be reported on separate requests.

Work requests submitted after 3 p.m. during weekdays will not be reviewed until the following day. Work requests entered during the weekend will not be reviewed until Monday morning. Work requests submitted on holidays will not be reviewed until the next business day. If your maintenance request is of an emergency nature (such as a water leak), please report it to the front desk.

Computer problems

For internet or general computer problems, contact UMKC Information Services at 816-235-2000. Maintenance requests entered in the Residential Life system for these types of services will not be addressed.

Lost keys

Please report a lost room key or mailbox key immediately to your RA or the front desk. Do not enter a work request for this issue.

Lofting kits (Oak Street only)

Please submit a lofting kit request form through MyHousing Self-Service > Forms if you would like a lofting kit brought to your room. Maintenance will leave it by the sink in your room. It is your responsibility to loft the bed. Rubber mallets can be checked out from the front desk. **As of 7/22/2020, all lofting kits have been reserved, so the form has been closed**

Community space reservation

**Room reservations for same-building residents became available again as of Nov. 12, 2020**

Many of our public community spaces are available for reservation by groups both inside and outside of Residential Life. If you are interested in learning more about reserving any of the spaces below, please contact the Residential Life Coordinator for the appropriate hall. If you want to reserve space in any of our facilities as a UMKC-affiliated student group, then you can submit a request through RooGroups. If you would like to reserve a space as a resident, then please submit this form.

Hospital Hill Apartments
  • Lobby community room
  • North building courtyard
  • South building courtyard
Johnson Residence Hall
  • Classroom
  • First floor lounge
  • Lobby (unavailable Fall 2020)
  • Basement recreation area (unavailable Fall 2020)
  • Volleyball court (unavailable Fall 2020)

Oak Street Residence Hall
  • Classroom
  • Lobby (unavailable Fall 2020)
  • Basement lounge
  • Outdoor courtyard