The information presented here is for the 2018-2019. All rates are subject to approval by the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri System.

Meal plans are required for students living in Oak Street or Johnson Residence Halls. Students living in the apartments may purchase a commuter meal plan through the UMKC One Card office. Meals must be eaten in the cafeteria. Flex cash can be used in any of the additional dining facilities across campus.

Meal Plans

Rates are per year. Visit Dining Services for more meal plan details.

Room and Dining Rates for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Room TypeSingle Private Bath
*limited availability
Single Shared Bath
*limited availability
Double (2 person suite)Quad (4 person suite)
Oak Street/Johnson Hall$8,876 (Oak Street only)$8,682Not available$7,022
Hospital Hill Apartments$10,962Not available$9,927$8,711

Required Meal Plan Options for Oak Street and Johnson Residence Halls

15 meals per week w/ $250 flex dollars$3,330
12 meals per week w/ $350 flex dollars$3,187
360 block (180 meals per semester) w/ $350 flex dollars$3,312
320 block (160 meals per semester) w/ $400 dollars$3,312
280 block (140 meals per semester) w/ $600 flex dollars$3,568

Optional Meal Plans for Hospital Hill Apartments

Value Plus Plan - 25 meals w/ $150 flex dollars$384
Best Value Plan - 50 meals w/ no flex dollars$349
Advantage Plan - 75 meals w/ $200 flex dollars$802

Summer 2018

Please keep in mind that room preference requests on the contract are not a guarantee and do not relieve the student from the contract if alternate accommodations are assigned.

Rates are per person for the summer session.

Meal plans are not available during the summer session. Space for summer housing is limited and will be assigned on first come, first served based on contract submission date.

Room TypeSingle Private Bath
*limited availability
Double (2 person suite)Quad (4 person suite)
Oak Street Hall$3,524Not available$2,790
Hospital Hill Apartments$3,807$3,445$3,024

Summer rates include interim periods. Interim periods areĀ the periods of time between the end of the spring semester and the start of summer term, as well as the period from the end of summer term until fall move in. This option is only available to current residents. New residents will receiveĀ a prorated credit for the interim period between the spring and summer semesters.

For inquiries regarding Summer Camps and Conferences, please contact our Conference and Event Resources team via phone at 816-235-1416 or email here.