Archival Room Days…..


By KIMG_0909athrine Miller

For my Final project at the Mahaffie StageCoach and Farmstead, I wanted to make use of my skill or least try to present something that the staff could continue to use for education purposes. I got myself involved in a selected topic that I have been taking an active role in and found that only a hand full of personnel really knew the extent of the duty of inputting the Butchering interpretation So, my supervisor and myself took on the task on implementing a Butchering Guide that all Mahaffie staff members can use. it is filled with much much information that just a step by step guide to butchering. It also has the historical background, biology IMG_0910of the chicken, sensitivity issues, the role interpretive themes, the connection to guests, role the of the site and its main mission. The guide offers an overall prospective on the reasoning of how and why butchering interpretation is included within the broad storyline of what Mahaffie and the City of Olathe is trying to convey to their guests. I have now come to the end of my project and finishing the final touches and hope that my contribution will find a good place on their research / library shelves amongst the other significant pieces that have been added as their collection. I did not want to walk away from my internship and not see some sort of piece that can recalled back to me.

When doing all of my research–I came across all these great and crazy articles from the┬áKansas Farmer.. so I just snapped a couple pics

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