Growing Within: A look of what my internship has done for my soul!

By Kathrine Miller

I know it sounds really, really corny when I mention what this sort of internship has done for me personally when speaking to my family or friends but I thought I should surely tie it to all my posts and comments over my summer weeks spent with the Mahaffie organization. My mentor, Dr. Cantwell believed that I was ready to seek out that opportunity and validated every word I had spoke on my reasoning of why I thought I needed to explore this opportunity. This shot a huge motivation spark or drive inside of me to go outside the classroom, explore new territory, and immerse myself within the community. It has been a community that has been filled with historians, supportive staff, and of course loads of guests. To this point, I have grown immensely, example being- I am more open and vocal among the guests and just taking more risks even if it does not always pan out! This is one area I have felt that I was extremely weak in and I can now say that I the tide has turn in my favor. I will need the tools learned and hashed out moments to move forward in this sort of field-I don’t want it to hold me back. Taking the lead was another aspect, I had always been a follower-I have simply learned during this internship-sometimes following just doesn’t work. Be a leader and outspoken when the time arises! TheseĀ are feats I have captured and leaving soon–I don’t want these traits to disappear along with my internship day.


Till next post. Look our corn fields are growing, growing, and growing!!!

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