• July 17, 2024


Participation ensures that the participant agrees unconditionally to all terms and conditions. At-least one team member must be present in Grand Finale to be qualified for final round.

Registration Guideline

You must provide Top Three Choices of your usecase. You can have 2 to 4 Team Members. (Single Registration per Team) A project will be assigned to your team according to your choices (First-come, first-served).

Implementation Guideline

There is no restriction on technology. You can use any technology to implement your project unless mentioned in the use case. Come up with a feasible and unique solution to the problem. Try to complete the given requirements as much as possible. Make a good quality YouTube video.

Judging Criteria

Judgement is based on the evaluation guidelines provided by the use case providers, i.e, in this case an Organization or a group in an Organization. The Hackathon winners will be selected by a panel of Judges from the Industry and NSF OCEL.AI Team.