Voting Information

If you are a student or staff member at UMKC, you can use this TurboVote website to register in Missouri, or any of the 50 states. Remember that if you are a student at UMKC, you qualify as a Missouri Resident (if you live in Missouri while attending UMKC) and can vote here with your student ID, but make sure you’re familiar with Missouri’s Voter ID Laws (see below).

Tips for using TurboVote:

  • If you believe you are registered in another state or previous address, make sure to enter that previous address and the website will ask you if you have moved recently and you can change your voting address or register in your new state. Your polling place will depend on this address (see the Missouri ID laws below).
  • TurboVote will redirect you to your state/county board of elections website to register, but make sure you go back to the TurboVote webpage to finish signing-up!
  • Some states allow you to register online, Missouri is one of these states! But to register online, you will have to visit the TurboVote website on a phone or tablet to complete the signature. Otherwise, you can fill out the form, print it, and mail it in.
  • If you are registered to vote already, signing-up with TurboVote can also direct you to apply for absentee ballots and will keep you up-to-date on important deadlines and reminders.

Voting in Missouri

Deadline to register to vote for the November 3, 2020 elections: October 7th

Next election date: NOVEMBER 3RD

Find your polling place at

Register to vote and sign up for reminders to vote at

Voting absentee in Missouri

To vote absentee by mail in Missouri, you have to apply for a ballot by 5 pm on October 21. The absentee ballots are due when the polls close on November 3rd and absentee ballots have to be notarized to be valid. Notaries can usually be found at a bank or post office. Information about in-person absentee voting can be found through your local election authority’s website:

Individuals with absentee ballots can get them notarized at the US Bank branch in the UMKC Student Union.  They take appointments only on Wednesdays (9am-4pm); call 816-444-4462.  They will notarize ballots for free (the fee for anything else is $2 per item for non-account holders).

Important notes:

  • Do NOT sign the ballot or document ahead of time
  • Bring a government-issued ID, like a passport or driver’s license (student ID does not count)

UMKC has notaries available for notarizing ballots below (to ensure availability, please call or e-mail ahead):

Name Location Phone email
Valorie Moore-Porter Dental School – Room 416 x2136
Cynthia A. Brown Campus Facilities Mgmt – GSB 101 x1431
Bonny Parsons Human Resources – AC – Room 226 x1071
Christine Popoola Academic Affairs – AC – Room 341 x2721
Dee Evans External Relations – AC – Room 310 x6010
Elizabeth Couzens School of Law – Room 2-300 x1582
Staci Pratt School of Law – Library x2631
LaTanya Woods School of Law – Room 1-400 x6324
Julie Smith 347 Education Building x2260
Jeannie Westmoreland School of Pharmacy, HSB 2311 (Dean’s Suite 2400) x2430

Missouri Voter ID laws For more information on instructions and information on voting in Missouri, you can visit:  OR

To vote in Missouri, you have to show a valid form of identification at your polling place. There are 3 options for what those forms of identification can be.

Option 1: A primary form of ID such as a valid Missouri Drivers license, non-drivers license, passport, or military ID card with the address that you are registered to vote under.

Option 2: A secondary form of ID such as a voter registration card, student ID from a Missouri school, utility bill, bank statement, or government check AND you must sign a statement/affidavit that you are who you say you are.

Option 3: Vote a provisional ballot. In this case, your vote will only count if you can return and show a valid form of identification or if you ballot signature matches your signature in the voter registry.

PDF version of these rules

More information on Missouri Voter ID laws can be found at:

Voting in Kansas

To vote in Kansas you must register by October 13 (for the November 3 General Election)

Absentee ballots must be requested by October 27 and postmarked by Election Day.

More information is available at

Register to vote and sign up for reminders to vote at

What’s on the Ballot

Information for what’s on your ballot: