Manage Your Organization

Are you a leader for one of our 300+ student organizations at UMKC? Do you want to start a new organization? Find the information you need below to register and manage your organization.


Each year, your organization will be required to re-register and update your RooGroups profile.

Annual Registration Process

Registration occurs annually. RooGroups registration is available from mid-May  to the second week of classes in the Fall. Failure to re-register by the deadline will result in the organization losing it’s active student organization status and all rights and privileges.

Steps to register your organization

  1. Log into RooGroups
  2. Select the Organization tab
  3. Select Register an Organization
  4. Select your organization

In order to register your organization, you will need the following information:

  1. A digital copy of your constitution and bylaws (Word document or PDF preferred). Please note: All constitutions and bylaws must include the UMKC Constitution Check-List for All New and Existing Student Organizations (PDF) 
  2. The name and contact information for each member of your executive board (e.g. president, vice president, treasurer, etc.)
  3. An updates roster than includes members of your organization
  4. The name and contact information for your UMKC Faculty/Staff advisor. Your advisor must complete a Student Organization Advisor Agreement form verifying their agreement to serve as your organization’s advisor.  (One advisor must be a full-time (at least 75% FTE) UMKC Faculty/Staff member.) Send this link to your advisor via e-mail:   If your advisor is unable to access the RooGroup email for a hardcopy of the agreement
  5. An updated RooGroups profile for your organization

Reactivating Your Organization

If your organization fails to complete the annual re-registration, it will become inactive. This means the organization will be removed from the registered student organization list and will have no rights as a registered student organization at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. If an organization is inactive for over a year, the organization will be disabled and considered dissolved. This will result in all organization funding being returned to the Student Activity Fee Committee.

Contact the Coordinator of Student Organizations to let them know that you are interested in reactivating an organization (


Each student organization is expected to track its income and expenses and may use our sample account ledgers to get started. While the RooGroups Finance Accounts may aid you in tracking your organization’s account, these are only updated once a month and not all transactions may be shown.

Requesting Funding

The Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) makes recommendations on allocation of the Student Activity Fee funds for organizations. This fee is paid by all enrolled students at UMKC and funds organizations, as well as other student activities and services. Find out more about SAFC funding for your organization.

Using Funding

The Office of Student Involvement has purchasing credit cards (p-cards) available for student organization use. In order to use one of these, organizations must submit a P-Card Request at least 48 business hours in advance of their request checkout date.

Academic units that have student organization p-cards have their own reservation process. Please contact them directly if you wish to use these cards in lieu of reserving the OSI p-cards.

Transactions over $1000.00 will be automatically declined. For purchases over this amount, student organizations must submit a Purchase Request through your Organization’s RooGroups Finance tab.


University-sponsored travel, events or activities are those that are financially supported by student activity fees or other university financial resources. To ensure that these are consistent with the mission of the University and that student safety issues have been addressed, UMKC sponsored student travel and events must be approved in advance by an advisor and by the Office of Student Involvement.

Details and Forms

Travel to University-sponsored activities is limited to UMKC students, faculty or staff unless authorized by the Office of Student Involvement, who may permit others in the University of Missouri System.

If you are traveling on behalf of an Student Organization at UMKC visit SAFC Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the funding process.

Once your travel is approved by your organization, advisor, and/or you have received funding approval from the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC), students must then submit a Travel Booking Request form on RooGroups  which includes all policies, forms, and up-to-date information for student organization travel.