With talks from such outstanding scholars and writers as Adam Gopnick, William Dalrymple, Robert Kaplan and Wendy Perron – among others – we bring the best minds of the day to UMKC.

Cockefair Lectures

The Cockefair Chair’s highly-acclaimed lecture series presents the nation’s leading thinkers in engaging talks on contemporary culture, arts, politics and more. Every year, a prominent national author also presents a lecture and serves as the writer in-residence for the UMKC English Department.

Cockefair Courses

The Cockefair Chair and UMKC’s talented faculty deliver short, engaging courses on national issues, Kansas City interests and literature and the arts. Enjoy the experience of thoughtful analysis on a variety of subjects of interest.

“I have read that an educated woman should be self-possessed in any circumstance and in complete control of every situation. I have had some historical or familial experience to suggest my behavior on the face of birth and death, marriage, war and peace. But I never dreamed I should have to encounter a Chair.”

—Carolyn Benton Cockefair, November 16, 1960