Student Organizations

One of the hardest obstacles that international students face is loneliness. Missing home, struggling with school, overwhelming with homework, and cultural shock can worsen the loneliness. Fortunately, UMKC has more than 300 student organizations where students can connect, communicate with other members and discover events happening on campus. A great way to start is joining UMKC Roogroups. On Roogroups, you can easily discover hundreds of organizations to participate in.

Organizations for International Students

African Students Association

ASA brings African students and non African students around the community to promote cultural awareness of the African Culture and create a network of diversity for students from different parts of the world at UMKC. ASA is also the perfect organization get more involved at UMKC, socially and academically; with various events to host and co-host around the school, off campus activities with our neighboring UM System school which advertises UMKC as the perfect place to start a social life, especially for more diverse students.

Indian Student Association

ISA is a non-profit organization at UMKC providing a platform to indorse harmony and cooperation among the Indian Students. It is engaged in the following activities

  • Assist the new prospective students in getting adjusted to the new education system and get them out of the cultural shock.
  • Help the students to get their pick up from airport, accommodation and assist them regarding the career opportunities at the university.
  • Promote cultural events and activities to pull an active participation from the students.
  • Let them know about several instructions and policies at the university such as plagiarism, behavioral activity, etc.
  • Let the students know about several courses and research opportunities at the university to help them maintain a healthy relation.
  • Provide a forum for discussion in order to solve any doubts and share information.


This organization is comprised of any students of the University of Missouri-Kansas City committed to promoting Indian culture and is named INDUS. Here you will find:

  1. The advancement of our students culturally and socially.
    2.    The perpetuating of the customs of our members.
    3.    Adhering to the rules and laws of our University.
    4.    Establishing an identity beneficial to Indus.
    5.    The promoting of friendship, goodwill, and cooperation with fellow students and organizations.

Multicultural Student Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs provides a safe space and open door policy for students to come into the office and study, host student organization meetings and/or events, speak with staff members, or simply hang out. They offer one on one academic check-in meetings for students who sign up. They also advise and support multicultural student organizations such as ALAS, TAASU, Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, NAACP, Men of Color, Sister’s Circle, Renewed Spirit Ministries, and the Interested Ladies of Sigma Lambda Gamma. In additon, we host educational, cultural, and social events and programs throughout the year.

To get involved with MSA, join the Facebook or stop by the office in the Student Union Room 319 and request to be added to the list. They often send out information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Muslim Students’ Association

The purpose of UMKC-MSA is to provide a community for Muslim UMKC students in which they can partake in activities alongside other people of their faith, as well as providing a resource for collaboration and understanding for all Muslim Students and non-Muslim students at UMKC.

Toward this end the UMKC-MSA shall:

  • Help Muslim students carry out Islamic activities in the pursuance of a well-balanced Muslim life.
  • Carry out social, cultural as well as religious activates.
  • Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Devote resources for the betterment of the local and global community.


Bangledeshi Student Association

The purpose of BSA-UMKC is to establish a social organization that will unite, support and recognize the needs and concerns of Bangladeshi students at UMKC and promote better friendship, interaction and understanding between other international students and groups at UMKC and wider Kansas City area.

Vietnamese Student Association

The purpose is to bring Vietnamese students and other students together as unified. They wish to:

  • Create support center for all students
  • Promote Vietnamese culture to the school
  • Make events/activities

Intercultural Dialogue Student Association

Intercultural Dialogue Student Association aims to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of diverse cultures in UMKC by creating opportunities for direct communication and meaningful shared experiences. IDSA envisions a society where every person views and treats each other with dignity, people come around shared values to promote the common good of their communities as well as the world as a whole.

You can find many more organizations on RooGroups

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