Student Observations Spanish

Please contact Adam Shoemaker ( for scheduling an observation.

For each semester, observations are available from the second week of classes up to the penultimate week of classes. We do not schedule observations during the first and last week of the semester.

Expectations for Behavior:

  1. Observers should never observe a class without first receiving approval from the instructor. I will help you arrange your first observation, and then send you contact information for the instructor to be observed. Before attending your initial observation, you will need to confirm the observation with the instructor so that the instructor knows when to first expect you. Further observations can be set up and confirmed directly with the instructor.
  2. Observers must arrive on time to class and stay through the duration of the class. Entering and leaving during class time creates disruptions. Observers that cannot abide by this requirement may be requested to discontinue observations.
  3. Observers must be courteous and respectful to ALI students, teachers, and staff, and abide by UMKC’s code of conduct at all times. Discrimination or rude behavior toward others will not be tolerated, and an observer may be immediately removed from class and/or all further observation terminated if such behavior is displayed.
  4. Teachers will be courteous and respectful to observers and abide by UMKC policies. If including the observer in instructional activities, teachers must provide adequate support to the observer and coordinate closely with the observer so as not to overload them.


As a professional Intensive English program, not an ESOL Teacher-Training program, we generally cannot accommodate requests for observers to teach in our program. However, some instructors do invite observers to participate in class and, in some cases, assist with lessons and activities.