My UMKC Bill

Your UMKC bill includes any fee that you owe the University. To the right is an example bill. It includes fees for:

  • Bookstore charge
  • Dorm fees
  • Tuition and Educational fees
  • Health insurance
  • International Student Service Fee
  • Meal Plan
  • Late Fee and Finance Charge

Your UMKC bill could also include:

  • Bill from student health
  • Parking ticket
  • Parking permit

This bill also shows what credits and payments were added to the account. This student received an ALI scholarship and paid the rest of the balance.

How do I see my bill in Pathway?

To see your bill in Pathway, first you must complete e-Consent. For e-Consent instructions, Click Here. E-Consent gives permission for UMKC to display your information electronically, as well as allows university offices to communicate with you by e-mail.

Once you have completed e-Consent, you will be able to see your bill in the Finances section of Pathway.

For more about Pathway, Click Here.

The tuition is listed twice. Is this a mistake?

NO. UMKC’s billing system divides your tuition into 2 categories: resident education fees and non-resident education fees. The resident portion of your fees are listed as Undergrad Non Res Educ Fee. The non-resident portion of your fees are listed as Non Res Undergrad Educ Fee.

What is the Student Activity Fee? The Student Union Fee? Do I have to pay them?

YES. They are part of the educational fees that are included in your tuition.
In the US, people like to see exactly what they are paying for. Instead of listing tuition as 1 charge, your UMKC bill will show you exactly what you are being charged for.
In Spring 2018, the total cost of tuition is $9,896.27. The resident portion of your educational fees are $3,336.00. The non-resident portion are $5,890.80. This adds up to $9,226.80. The remainder ($669.47) is divided into the fees that you see.
For an explanation for what each educational fee pays for, Click Here.

I bought health insurance in my home country. Do I still have to pay for UMKC’s health insurance?

YES. Purchasing health insurance is mandatory for all international students. Waivers for this fee are only given in special circumstances.

I still owe some of my fees. Should I stop going to class until I can pay?

NO. Owing UMKC should not stop you from going to class.