How My UMKC Bill Works

Many students wonder when they should pay their bill.

At UMKC, you will only have a bill after you have registered for classes.

UMKC is like most universities in the US. It calculates your tuition bill based on the number of credit hours you enroll in. It cannot calculate your bill until you are enrolled because it is not sure how many credits you will be taking.  Once you are registered, your bill will be calculated. Your bill will include tuition, educational fees, the international student fee and your health insurance.

The Steps in Creating Your UMKC Bill

  1. Take the ALI’s placement exam.
  2. Make an appointment and then meet with the Academic Advisor. The advisor will go over your placement exam and have you sign your registration form.
  3. Talk with the Scholarship Coordinator. The coordinator will go over your scholarship and explain what you should expect to pay.
  4. Next, the ALI sends your registration form to the Registrar. The Registrar will process your form and enroll you in classes.
  5. UMKC’s billing system will create your bill.

Once your bill is created, you will see it in Pathway. You will be able to pay by going to the Cashier’s Office or online using Pathway.

UMKC’s Payment Plan

UMKC offers a payment plan, which will let you pay your tuition throughout the semester, rather than all at once. You do not need to sign an agreement to pay monthly.
You are expected to pay at least 25% of your bill by the first day of classes.
If you decide to make payments, you will be charged a finance charge of 1% each month. Make sure to make payments EVERY month by the 20th. If you do not make a payment, UMKC will charge you a late fee of $25.

If you would like to download a PDF of this information, click here.


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Pre-Paying Tuition

If you are interested in pre-paying your tuition, please contact ALI’s Business Specialist, Ms. Elisa Day, for more information.