Pathway Basics

You will use Pathway throughout your time at UMKC. It is where you can find basic information like your class schedule and your bill. It is also where you can change your address and add your bank account so that any refund to your student account is sent direct deposit rather than by check.

To get to Pathway, go to UMKC’s homepage.

In the lower right corner is the Pathway icon. Click on it.

This will take you to the Pathway page.

You will sign in with your SSO and password.

What Can You Find on Pathway?

Menu tab

On Menu tab, the Student Center is the main page for student functionality within Pathway.

Student Center

On Student Center page, students can manage their academic, financial and personal information. On the right column, there are different helpful features such as search for classes, to do list, message center, helpful links and assistance contact.


In the academics section, students have access to see their grades, search for classes, and run the degree audit.


In the finances section, students have access to their account. Students can make payment, see their bill or view financial aid.

E-Consent for campus finance/student records access allows students to access their student account and financial aid information online. For more information see E-Consent Instruction.

Personal Information

In Personal Information section, students can update their addresses and other basic information such as emergency contact and phone numbers.

Other Features

There are additional features on the student center main page.

Holds are the unfulfilled requirements which prevent students from enrolling for classes.



Students’ To Do List.


Message center is where students receive letter or email from the school.


Students’ Milestones.


Enrollment Dates are dates that students are able to enroll for their classes.


Academic Information includes catalogs of classes, calendar, major maps and degree audit.


Quick helpful links such as Pathway help, Registration Guide, and Textbook Information.


Links to contact for assistance in different departments.





More Information

Paying My Bill

E-Consent Information

Statement of Financial Responsibility


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