ALI Academic Classes

Beyond the Intensive English Program, the ALI offers academic classes.

English 250

Introduction To Language Acquisition And Diversity
Investigation of the basic principles of first and second language acquisition. Topics addressed include language competency, socio-cultural factors in language, dialects, acquisitional principles, and language diversity. Students will take part in monitored classroom observations in public schools, and will critically analyze how the topics addressed in class apply to real life and to teaching situations. A service learning component is included.

A&S 210

Cross-Cultural Interaction: Experience & Understanding
This course focuses on the social and cultural context of interactional patterns. U.S. and international students are paired in academic activities to encourage mutual understanding and self-awareness. They will draw on a variety of resources and learning modalities to examine aspects of their own and other’s societies, cultures, religions, and family relations. Making use of intercultural theories, students will reflect upon and explore cultural myths and stereotypes and develop a general understanding of cultural similarities and differences.

A&S 310

Cross-Cultural Interaction II: Social Relations
This course will match international students with U.S. students to prepare them to interact more effectively in multilingual and/or intercultural settings. Students learn through readings on cultural theory and cultural relations, in-class small group activities, discussions and lectures, how issues of identity, such as age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity; impact cross-cultural interaction. Papers written for this course will help students integrate theory with previous experience, leading to an understanding of oppression in cross-cultural interaction.
Prerequisite: A&S 210