Places to Explore in Kansas City

Kansas City is a large metropolitan area. The city is divided up into different districts, each with its own style and attractions!


Plaza district:

The Plaza District is home to the UMKC campus. It is known as the shopping district. This district has a famous outdoor shopping mall as well as The Nelson Atkins Museum, numerous parks and a wide variety of places to eat.


Crossroads District:

The Crossroads is known as The Arts District. Here, you can find a multitude of creative studios, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, etc. Many artists come together in this district to create, sell, perform/show their work. The best way to experience The Crossroads is to attend the First Fridays Artwalk.


West Bottoms District:

The West Bottoms is best described as the historical district. The West Bottoms is home to a lot of history for the city, and does a lot of work to maintain the historical sites within in the area. This area hosts many events, haunted house attractions (in the fall) and food trucks!


Westport District:

The Westport District has a little bit of everything. This is also an important area in the history of Kansas City. Right by UMKC, you can find coffee shops, shopping, dining, art, and fun night life. Westport will also always have activities/events to attend during the holidays.


Waldo District:

The Waldo District is a perfect place for a day retreat. Still in Kansas City, it is distant from the busy urban area and has trails for walking, day spas, and restaurants. Waldo also hosts festivals and events throughout the year that attracts many visitors. It is a great area to get involved and/or visit smaller,local shops here in KC!


Power and Light District:

The Power and Light District is Kansas City’s most known area. Power and Light is in Downtown, with a high reputation for night life. Most concerts and large events are held in this area. Most visited district by tourists, Power and Light always has something fun going on!

There are so many places to explore in Kansas City. In each area you can find a multitude of attractions, and experience the diversity within the city!


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