How long will my site stay up?

If your site has been inactive for two (2) years, we will remove your site from our servers.

We ask that each site request designates an administrative contact and a technical contact. These designated individuals become the site owner(s). Before deleting an inactive site, we will attempt to contact a site owner. If none of the designated site owners are still with the University, we will contact another individual within the administrative contact’s former department. If your site has a sponsor organization, such as the Office of Student Involvement, we will also coordinate with that organization.

With the site owner, we will discuss options for archiving an inactive site’s content before removing it from our servers.


Can we embed video or slideshows from external sites?

You can embed videos and slideshows from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, ec.. in your pages quickly. WordPress makes it easy – just copy the link to the video or slideshow and paste into the page editor. WordPress will display the media player automatically, no embed code needed!

If you choose to use the embed code provided by the external site instead (such as the UMKC Flash server), you’ll need to insert it using the WordPress page editor in Text mode. You may need to adjust the width settings in the code so that the video fits in the page’s content area.