Welcome Farah!

Farah Bio Photo

By Farah Dabbagh

Hey Everyone! My name is Farah Dabbagh and I am the new Social Work intern here at the Women’s Center! I am in the works of acquiring my Master’s in social work from UMKC! Prior to coming here, I went to Mizzou and double majored in psychology and social work.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri! I appreciate odd music, good coffee, Harry Potter, HBO, reading books, swimming, sleeping, and am a huge fan of bright, red lipstick! I also regularly take kickboxing classes! I hope to be a world class traveler and have so far visited seven countries!

I am so stoked to start my internship here at the Women’s Center! I have always been interested in the equality and safety of women and this will help me take my interests to a whole new level. I can’t wait to meet you all and start working towards gender equality and the Women’s Center just happens to be the perfect place to start! So come down and say hello!

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New Intern at the Women’s Center!

De De's Bio PhotoHello! My name is DeAndrea Jones, but I usually go by DeDe. I am very excited to be working in the Women’s Center as their new “Her Art Project” intern. In this position, I ‘ll be able to learn more about the ups and downs of being a woman artist and what I can do to help advance the equality of Women artists.

I am a senior here at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I will be graduating this December with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art. I believe it is my calling to help others in any way that I can and encourage them to reach their ultimate goals. I also have a great passion for art and must have it as a part of my life in some way, shape, or form. My personal goals include receiving my Master’s Degree in Social Work and Art Therapy so I can change the world one student or child at a time.

The Women’s Center is a warm and exciting place to be! What really interested me in being a part of this awesome office is the great opportunity of being a part of “Her Art Project”- a collaboration of all of my interests into one.

I look forward to the many experiences and memories I will gain being a part of the Women’s Center working with “Her Art Project”. I also look forward to meeting new people and women artists that inspire me to keep reaching towards my goals.

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UMKC Women’s Center Hiring for Fall Work Study

Now Hiring!

Do you have a passion for women’s and gender issues? Do you want to be engaged on campus? Do you want to make a difference?

Then the UMKC Women’s Center wants you! We are looking for current UMKC students who have a Work-Study award to join our staff. Positions available are:

  • Office/Events AssistantAssist with office duties and the development, coordination, and execution of Women’s Center events
  • Public Relations AssistantAssist with the design and creation of marketing materials to promote Women’s Center programs
  • Her Art Project Program AssistantAssist with the development, coordination, and execution of programs for the Her Art Project including art exhibits, music and dance performances, lectures, panel discussions, etc.
  • Violence Prevention and Response AssistantWork with the Violence Prevention staff to assist with the development, coordination and execution of all violence prevention programming.

***Please note, these positions are work-study only.

Application instructions:

  1. Check out our full job listing and verify your work-study award on the Roo Career Network: https://umkc-csm.symplicity.com/students/index.php. Or contact Financial Aid and Scholarships http://www.sfa.umkc.edu/site2/work_study.cfm for more information about the Work-Study program.
  2. Complete the  UMKC student application and work study application
  3. Submit Applications, Resume, and Class Schedule to Arzie Umali, umalia@umkc.edu or deliver to the Women’s Center, 105 Haag Hall

For more information, please contact Arzie Umali at 816.235.5577 or umalia@umkc.edu

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New Intern at the Women’s Center!

Jesse bio Photo (2)Hello, everyone. My name is Jesse Bihlmeyer and I am in my second year at UMKC. I am double majoring in Philosophy and Psychology with a minor in Writing. My interests include reading, writing, and above all, learning.

I was born in Los Angeles, California but lived most of my life in a small town in south-west Missouri. I have visited nearly every state in the United States as well as five different countries in Central America and Europe; a lot of these trips were taken in order for me to play soccer. It’s no surprise that I absolutely love traveling and playing soccer. On any given day you might find me skateboarding around campus, at the Nelson Atkins Museum, or playing my guitar.

I’m excited for the opportunity to work for the Women’s Center! I have a passion for upholding equality among any and all genders and I think this organization supports those ideas to the fullest. The Women’s Center has a welcoming environment and is a safe place for any person to come in and talk, find useful information, or just hang out. In association with the University and the community, the Women’s Center has opportunities for all.

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New Graduate Assistant at UMKC Women’s Center

KacieMy name is Kacie Otto and I am in my final year of the Higher Education Administration program here at UMKC. I am passionate about working with students from diverse backgrounds and learning about feminist issues. I am happy to start working in a safe space for women that allows me to be active in supporting women on campus and in the community.

I am originally from a small community in central Wisconsin. I got my Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. I spent a year after college working as an au pair in Stockholm, Sweden. As a result, I have a love of all things Svensk. Reading and thrift shopping for vintage delights are my favorite hobbies and I love to travel.

I’ve lived in Kansas City for one full year now, and I love that it feels like a small town but it has every convenience of a big city. I can’t wait to help coordinate the coolest women’s center events like The Vagina Monologues and Love Your Body Day. I am passionate about self-love and body acceptance and I’m excited to use my position in the Women’s Center to encourage students to love themselves as well.

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Women and Fair Housing: Rights You Should Know

fair-housingBy Melissa Myers

The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for landlords to refuse to rent to credit-worthy women because they have children or plan to have them. However, quite often, women are still denied housing and told the reason is because she has children, or because she is pregnant, or because she is single and doesn’t have a husband to co-sign for her.  Sadly, many women who receive this treatment feel that they have no control over the situation and don’t understand that what has happened is illegal and discriminatory. Not long ago, I was one of those women.

A little over three years ago I was searching for a home to rent for my three kids and me. After touring a house with the landlord, we returned to the kitchen where the application was sitting on the counter top. I told him that I’d like to fill it out while I was there. His reaction was one that I was not expecting. He picked up the application and held it while asking me a series of very personal questions:  “Where is your husband…When will he be signing the application… Why a three bedroom house?” The landlord also made some extremely presumptuous comments that included: “The tenants are responsible for mowing the front and back lawns, and I think that’s going to be too much for you…” and “I don’t know how I feel about a single mom living here…”

I was a bit surprised by the landlord’s line of questioning and comments, but I politely answered his questions and concerns and expressed to him that if he were to run the background check, credit score, and call my references, he would see that there’s no need for concern. He said he’d have to think about it and escorted me to the door.

Needless to say, after this experience I brushed up on some need-to-know information. But it’s unfortunate to think that I’m not the only woman who has had to experience this kind of discrimination. We can’t really control a landlord who is going to be a sexist jerk, but we can educate ourselves about the Fair Housing Act so that we know beforehand what our rights are. Here are some resources that can help:




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Student and Active Mom Joins Women’s Center Staff

Melissa MBy Melissa Myers

Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa Myers, I am a proud mommy of three loving children and entering into my last year here at UMKC. I grew up in a small farming community outside of Strasburg, MO with my younger sister and Grandparents. My children and I spend a lot of time together, playing at home, at the park, and taking random mini field trips. We’re very active in sports with baseball being our main focus. They enjoy coming to campus with me to see what mommy is doing, and to see people of all ages and nationalities working towards their personal educational goals. I really think it helps them to visualize themselves attending college too.

I am in my last year here at UMKC, working on a Liberal Arts degree, with a minor in Environmental Sustainability, and plan on continuing my education further in Environmental Science & Biology. I look forward to helping improve our community’s well-being, helping others improve themselves, and providing the best for my family.

The Women’s Center is a wonderful place to visit, be supported, and be a part of their advocacy in anti-violence and gender equality. The staff here are warm, inviting, and fun! They offer a lot of helpful information and resources for UMKC as well as our community. I feel lucky to be part of the team!

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New Student Assistant Brings Diverse Interests to the Women’s Center

Riham MBy Riham Mohammed

Hello everyone! My name is Riham Mohammed, but I go by Rama because it is easier to pronounce. I am a junior double major student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Missouri – Kansas City. I am Middle Eastern, from Bagdad the capital of Iraq. I speak Arabic, Kurdish and a little bit of Turkish in addition to English of course. I was born in Iraq but was raised in Syria. I moved to the United States in 2011 and I started my journey at UMKC 2 months after I arrived.

Why Engineering and why UMKC? Well, I have always been told that I am great at solving math and physics problems and since I like technology and computers, why not computer engineering? But it happened to be a double major because UMKC didn’t really have a major in computer engineering and hardware, just computer science which focused more on software, which isn’t my interest. So the advisors allowed me to create my own path merging two majors in one, Electrical and Computer engineering.  Unfortunately, this meant double the coursework, so I’ve had to take 6 classes every semester and 3 classes every summer semester for the past 3 years to arrive to where I am right now – Proud!

Things to know about Rama: 1) I am a very enthusiastic family person, my family comes before everything and I love them so much;  2) I have some crazy hobbies like fixing computers or program coding to make our lives easier; 3) I love swimming, listening to music, and everything related to something FUN; 4) I like fashion and make-up, which it might seems hard with my full loaded school schedule and work but I always mange to dress up and feel pretty;  5) I love Italian food and I try as many Italian restaurants as I can when I travel; and 6) I love car racing in my SRT charger!

This is my first week of work at the Women’s Center and it is also my first experience with the work-study program, and it has been fun and exciting so far. I am looking forward to attend events and seeing how the Women’s Center helps women in school and guides them through their journeys.

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Throwback Thursday-

With the already blooming talk of the next presidential candidates, let’s look back to an article written in 2008 during the presidential primary. Hillary Clinton was a top contender against Obama for the democratic nomination- but many contend that media based sexism killed her campaign.

As we gear up for another long and drawn out election fight that is likely to include female prospects- like Hillary Clinton- let’s start these discussions about the treatment of woman in politics- and the treatment of women in the media.

Every night, the news found new individuals to interview over whether or not this country was “ready for a woman president.” What does that even mean?

Jessica Wake of the Huffington Post took a stab at the incredulity of the media coverage during the Clinton Campaign in 2008- coverage that eventually prompted a law suit. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jessica-wakeman/on-sexist-media-coverage_b_98869.html

Further than Clinton, the coverage over Sarah Palin is also a clear indicator of the lack of the media’s ability to produce quality and equitable news.

At the very least- both Clinton and Palin helped show the American people women in politics, since apparently we have to get used to the idea.

Personally, I am gearing up for the nauseating sexism that will run rampant during the 2016 election. Where Facebook groups like- Hillary Clinton Stop Running For President and Make Me a Sandwich- gain nearly 50,000 followers- 20% who are women. I am gearing up for an election that will continually throw my sex into my face and question my ability to function as a human being because I have a vagina.

I am gearing up for America to show me how little we truly have progressed as a nation.

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised- but I am not holding out hope.

Am I wrong? Have things changed?

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Was it good for you?

In today’s world, we are swimming in a hook-up culture. Between popular media and busy schedules, this type of “relationship” (also known as casual sex) has replaced traditional dating for today’s generation. Now that 91% pf college students have said they practice this style of dating, it begs some questions. Is this healthy? Is it mutually beneficial?

When the big screen depicts the traditional heterosexual “hook-up” both the male and female rush together in a fit of heated lust and then onlookers see them depicted in post-coital bliss. Is this reality though?

Studies show that a mere 40% of women orgasm during casual sex.

Is this because of the traditional belief that women need emotional connection with an intimate partner in order to feel turned-on?

Looking at the prevalence of “hook-up culture” this idea seems most unlikely.

Writer Danica Johnson at Everyday Feminism offers some insight on this phenomena. She argues that the enveloping culture surrounding hook-ups offers a male-centered view of sex that often leaves women less than thrilled. Is there still a benefit to hooking-up for women? Read the complete article here for more:


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