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Parking Rate Changes

April 22nd, 2013 · No Comments · News

[The following was submitted by the Office of Facilities Management.]

In June,  UMKC parking rates are changing.

Any changes to payroll deductions for parking will now occur the first of June every year, with the initial changeover to a  five tiered system occurring June 2013.

A university employee’s monthly parking permit rate will be determined by their base pay as of April 1 each year. Once the monthly rate is fixed it will not be adjusted if there is a change in pay that occurs throughout the year.

The parking rate for individuals not employed by the university will be $50 per month.

The permit fee change will be automatic and will not require any action on the part of those currently payroll deducted for parking. The $2 per month increase originally planned for September 2013 will be delayed until June 2014.

At the request of the UMKC Faculty Senate and Staff Council, a survey was conducted by the Office of Institutional Research spring 2012 in order to gain input from faculty and staff on the potential of using a tiered-fee system when determining the cost for parking on campus.

Because there was definite interest in pursuing the tiered fee system, an additional survey was sent in September 2012 and the following monthly five tier fee structure was approved by the majority (64 percent) of faculty and staff responding to the survey.

Salary Range as of April 1st                     Monthly Parking Fee

0              – $34,599                             $40

$35,000 – $46,999                               $47

$47,000 – $64,999                               $52

$65,000 – $99,999                               $56

$100,000 and above                            $59

If you have questions or concerns regarding the rate change please contact Parking Operations at 235-5256.