Laura Love with Big Bad Gina

Laura Love with Big Bad Gina at UMKC!

The Big Bad Love tour comes to UMKC! Willow Music of Kansas City, in collaboration with UMKC LGBTQIA Programs & Services, is excited to bring you Laura Love with Big Bad Gina Saturday, September 27th at 8pm in the Student Union Theater.  Tickets can be purchased here through the UMKC Central Ticket Office.

Laura Love!

Laura Love is an award winning “folk-funk” singer/songwriter/bassist who has been touring throughout the world since the early 1990s. Laura has released 11 CDs on major and minor labels, she has performed at nearly every great music festival in North America and Australia, she has composed commissioned music for dance and theater productions and is a published author.

Big Bad Gina!

Brilliant acoustic to radical electric, Big Bad Gina is genre hoppin’ and folkin’ rockin’ on any stage at any event. This all female ensemble combines impressive multi-instrumentalism with blissful 3 part harmonies. Three accomplished songwriters with three diverse musical backgrounds with three powerful CD releases. Renée Janski, Ethno-Amazon vocals, gypsy fiddle, and keyboard kinesthetics. Jori Costello, Singer/songbird rocker, guitar groovin, percussion pounding Goddess. And Melodie Griffis, Global jazz Angel with the silky soprano voice, keeping it rollin’ on the bass and guitars.