Add Service Hours

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1. Log in to your campus site.

2. Go to the My Involvement tab at the top of the page.

3. Select “Service Hours” from the drop-down menu.

** Your previously submitted service hours will display in the summary information at the top of this page. **

4. Select the organization from the drop-down menu you wish to associate service hours with.

5. Enter the date the service hours took place and a brief description of the type or place of the service hours.

6. Indicate the number of hours spent performing the service hours (in the 1:30 format).

7. Type in the name of the person that can verify the service hours. A drop-down menu of all users with those characters will populate. Select the individual from the list.

8. Click “Submit”.

** All service hours entries must be approved by an organization officer or campus administrator. **

9. Click “Clear” at any time to remove any text you entered prior to submitting.