Spotlight Series featuring: Jonathan Pryor

Introducing the Office of Student Involvement Spotlight Feature:

Jonathan Pryor

Jonathan Pryor

Hometown: Columbus, Kansas

3 words to describe yourself: Open to Possibility

Hobbies: Television, music, and jogging.

What’s one thing interesting about you that most people don’t know? I’m the youngest of 6.

Educational Background: PhD Student of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri; MEd, Mizzou; Bachelors of Communication Studies & Religious Studies, University of Kansas

Current Position: Coordinator for LGBTQIA Programs & Services

Current roles in your position: Facilitate Safe Space Training; Present LGBTQ Workshops to Classrooms, and student, faculty, and staff organizations; Organize and promote semester programs on LGBTQIA identities; serve as a resource to university students, faculty, and staff; collaborate and partner with community organizations;  maintain, organize, and update the Rainbow Lounge; co-advise Pride Alliance & The LGBTQIA Affairs Council.

What makes UMKC special? It is the heart of Kansas City.

What is one piece of advice to students at UMKC? Be the best you that you can be.

Future career goals: Open to Possibility

We also want to thank Jonathan Pryor for all he has done for and with UMKC and the Office of Student Involvement. You are a valuable part of our team!

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  1. Keep up the good work Jonathan !!

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