June 17-20, 2024: Mohammad attends the American Conference on Theoretical Chemistry 2024 in Chapel Hill, NC.

April 1, 2024: Congratulations to Nathan and Dil on their DL_POLY Quantum 2.0 software paper, now published in JCP.

January 24, 2024: Our DL_POLY Quantum 2.0 software is released; the code is freely available through our GitHub page.

January 02, 2024: Quadri Olakunle Adewuyi joins our research group as a new PhD student. WELCOME Quadri!

December 19, 2023: The group celebrated a fantastic 2023 year with lunch at the Plaza!

November 30, 2023: Mohammad visits the Physics, Astronomy & Materials Science Department at the Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. He presented the group’s latest research efforts on computational materials and method/software development fronts in the form of an invited departmental seminar. Thank you, Prof. Besara, for organizing this visit!

October 19-20, 2023: Mohammad attends the 2023 American Chemical Society Joint Midwest & Great Lakes Regional Meeting in St. Charles, MO. He presided over the “Theor/Comp Chem B: Applications in Chemistry and Catalysis” afternoon session on October 19 and gave an invited talk in the “Beyond the Boundaries of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis” session on October 20. It was great fun to attend and strike up new friendships. Thank you, Prof. Mironenko, for organizing!

October 9, 2023: Our collaborative work on structural and dynamical properties of confined vs. surface water in the prototypical ZIF-8 material is now published in J. Chem. Info. Model. Here, all-atom simulations were performed using our DL_POLY Quantum code to provide a molecular-level understanding of water nucleation and growth at the interior/exterior interfaces with ZIF-8, elucidating the effects of particle shape and the presence of open-metal sites!

October 1, 2023: The Momeni Research Group is awarded a research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences Program (DE-SC0024512) to explore the chemistry of extended polyoxometalate frameworks for critical metal recovery from aqueous saline solutions.

September 1, 2023: The Momeni Research Group is awarded an NSF grant from the Electrochemical Systems Program of the Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET-2302618) for design and discovery of electrically conductive metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as cathode materials in lithium-sulfur batteries applications.

June 15, 2023: The Momeni Research Group is awarded an NSF grant from the Electronic and Photonic Materials (EPM) Program of the Division of Materials Research (DMR-2308895) for developing novel organic semiconductors as ideal hole transporting layer materials for perovskite solar cell applications.

June 9, 2023: Our first group outing celebrating the start of summer!

June 1, 2023: Dr. Nathan London joins the group as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome Nathan!

May 22, 2023: Mohammad attends the 2023 NSF Chemistry Early Career Investigator Workshop on May 22-23, 2023, at the Embassy Suites Alexandria, VA. Thank you, Profs. Corinna Schindler and Osvaldo Gutierrez, for organizing!

May 9, 2023: Congratulations to Omar and Suchona for being accepted to the third round of the NSF-supported CyberTraining Summer School and Workshop on the Excited States and Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Materials, which will be held in person at the University at Buffalo campus, June 11-23, 2023. Thank you, Prof. Alexey Akimov, for organizing!

April 29, 2023: Mohammad attends the Missouri Inorganic Day 2023 at Missouri S&T in ROLLA, MO, and gives an invited talk. Thank you, Profs. Manashi Nath and Amitava Choudhury, for organizing!

April 25, 2023: MD Omar Faruque and Suchona Akter officially join our research group as PhD students. WELCOME both!

March 21, 2023: Mohammad gives an invited talk in the Advanced Materials program of the TMS 2023 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.

February 7, 2023: Our collaborative paper on in-silico high-throughput design and discovery of low-dimensional MOFs is now published in ACS AMI. You can browse all 1,057 2D bulk and mono-layer crystal structures of the studied MOFs and examine their tabulated properties using the exclusive EC-MOF web interface developed as part of this massive project!

January 6, 2023: The Momeni Research Group is awarded the UMKC Tier 1 Funding For Excellence (FFE) grant. Thank you, the Office of Research & Economic Development at UMKC, for the support!

October 21, 2022: Mohammad presides the morning session and gives a talk in the afternoon session of the Computational Methods and Applications of the American Chemical Society Midwest Regional Meeting in Iowa City, IA. It was great fun to both meet long-time colleagues and friends as well as strike new friendships.

October 4, 2022: Mohammad gives a talk in the Quantum Dynamics and Light-Matter Interactions session of the American Chemical Society North East Regional Meeting in Rochester, NY, where he shares our latest developments in DL_POLY Quantum with students and peers.

September 27, 2022: Mohammad gives a seminar to the Chemistry Graduate Students at UMKC, introducing his group’s research activities on multiple fronts of Theoretical Chemistry and Materials Sciences and Software Development.

September 14, 2022: Our Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) research request is reviewed and approved by the Resource Allocation Committee. This grants the Momeni group access to national computing resources. Thank you, XSEDE and ACCESS teams and NSF, for the continued support!

September 14, 2022: Mohammad gives an invited departmental seminar at KU Lawrence as part of the DyMERS seminar series, where he shares our exciting research on “Computer Simulation of Low-Dimensional Nanoporous Materials in Condensed Phases” with the faculties and students.

September 1, 2022: Mohammad Momeni joins UMKC as an Assistant Professor!