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Saying Hello

Hello! My name is Philip Bland and I am a Master’s student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I am working on my M.A. in History through the Public History program and my B.A. in History is from the University of Missouri (go Tigers!). Being a lifelong Kansas Citian, I have come to truly appreciate everything this city has to offer, but have only recently discovered one of it’s oldest traditions.

I began working at the American Royal in May of 2015. I was contacted by one of my professors, Dr. Chris Cantwell, about a ten week internship with the American Royal to help organize their collections in their museum. Now, at this point the only thing I knew about the American Royal was the World Series of Barbecue, but I thought it would be good experience so I applied. Initially, the internship was only supposed to last ten weeks, but was extended for another ten weeks. After the second ten weeks were finished, I was given a part time position to help with the educational programs at the American Royal in addition to running the museum.

I will be posting each week chronicling my experiences at the American Royal. Specifically, I will be working on revising the application and selection process for the Royal Scholars program.