A priceless opportunity -A hopeful historian’s dream has become reality during Summer Internship

Kathrine Miller

When the staff of the Mahaffie Stagecoach and Farmstead and I sat down during our initial meeting I was really unsure what I was preparing myself for. However, I just knew I was seeking that opportunity to branch outside the classroom as I’ve stated before in my previous postings. When the ranking staff members and I discussed what could be accomplished with my internship and could it provide the necessary ‘give and take’ relationship.

I was certainly blown away by their efforts to supply an adequate support network to provide an rotation of educational formats. I was completely caught off guard and utterly surprised when they offered me to work in their collections department on Saturdays doing research data. I have to say, this opportunity given to me(as undergraduate student) provides the motivation to seek to follow through my History Program to the end. Each time I walk down the basement steps /or call the elevator to take me to the collections room-I just explode inside with excitement. This is the place I fit well-like an old shoe. Feels like home. After entering this remarkable room(to me anyways) I nearly don’t want to leave the place and this past Saturday, Katie even mentioned that I needed to get out and take a break! Okay, Okay-so I did.

For my first project, I have been handed the job of cleaning / cataloging / and store a bundle of artifact findings that have been collected from around the site. I have been working on this project over 2 weeks and we just finished it this week. I will post a followup posting on the ins and outs. stay tuned…

Picture below of sorting and washing artifacts


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