History of the Map Room

By Chad King

This week I am still working on the Map Room materials. The correspondence between the U.S. and the allied powers is fascinating, and I feel as though I am a fly on the wall getting to see their plans on ending the war in Germany and later Japan. As I was scanning the documents, I became interested in the history of the Map Room and inquired as to how the room got its name. The room is located on the east side of the White House in the lower level. The room was originally a recreational room for the First Family and was later turned into a billiard room during the late nineteenth century. During the administration of Franklin Roosevelt it was turned into a situation room for Roosevelt and his aides to examine and exchange sensitive war communication. Here they would post and examine maps to chart the war’s progress and that’s how the room received its name. It has now been remade into a personal room for the president and his family. More info can be found here.

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