Same Project, Different Day

By Caitlin Eckard

Like Whitney said, things at ATHS are fairly the same day to day. I have been working on incorporating their photo catalog into PastPerfect, which is what I do pretty much every day I am there. I thought this work would be very boring and tedious, but I actually really enjoy it. It makes the day go by much faster, and I am learning a lot about how to categorize certain photos. I have only made it to page 21 of the first binder, and there are four more binders full of photo details that I will hopefully get to some day. It seems as though my work is unending, but my superiors tell me I am doing a great job, so that is promising.

I did receive some exciting news a couple weeks ago. ATHS has offered me a part time job through the summer and possible through December. I will be digitizing and uploading the aforementioned photos to the catalog. I am quite excited about this new prospect, because it will be excellent work experience, and I will be pretty much working on my own, which is nice too. I am also going to help volunteer at their annual convention which is in Springfield, Missouri this year. It is the last week of May, and I will be helping with merchandise sales. I haven’t really done anything like this before, and hopefully it will be interesting to see how they raise money for their organization. I also hope to learn a thing or two about trucks and trucking!

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