Week 3 @ APS–working steadily on APS History project & Assisting in researching panelists for the #Me Too forum

This week at American Public Square, I have been working on two different projects. I have previously mentioned both projects in prior posts. I have been working on American Public Square’s next forum. As mentioned, the APS team has requested me to work on gathering potential #metoo panelists and their biographical data to present on July 8th. I have dove into the realm of the #Me Too Movement and trying to find panelists from both sides has become tricky without getting into muddy waters. Meaning, I have found myself buried within the conservative realm and experienced a darker side in which I have had to steer clear from. I envisioned the traumatic event that took place at UMKC a few months back and do not want anything like this to happen. I am really looking towards scholars and mental health professionals to guide the panel. Without giving any information away about the potential panelists, I came up with eight supportive #me too panelists and five conservative panelists. I provided a small biographical survey of the panelist, whether it they worked as a scholar or they worked directly in the mental health industry. I also provided an image clip of each potential panelist as well. I have finally completed the list and it appears to be quite diverse and fulfills audience expectation for the forum.

The APS History Project was put on the shelve last week, so it was a little discombobulated. However, I finally got the project reorganized once again and back on top of it! All hard copies are in a binder now and sectioned accordingly. The APS has retreated in their own projects, so I do have the extra time right now to spend arranging the company’s old brand of the ‘Village Square’ and mold it into their story of today. This will be the setting of this project. Also, I will make some sort of pamphlet or booklet for APS representatives to be able to present to their clients in the near future. People just do not recognize the APS label and while I am here, we are trying to change this this.

On a side note, this past week, I have helped Claire, the Executive Director of APS reignite their social media platforms and added new ones as well to keep up with a younger generation.

Next week, I will hopefully have a plan set of how the APS History booklet or pamphlet should look because I am suppose to meet with the APS design team this Friday. So, I can move more rapidly after knowing how it will it will be built and how far I can take it. APS is still moving as well, so that is another obstacle that their team is facing and I am really not sure what is happening but I am just taking it one day at a time.

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