Internship @ American Public Square (APS), Who are they…again???, This is the response I am getting…

To tell the truth, I had no idea who APS was either when I first approached the idea of interning for their entity. APS is a non-profit organization who brings together non-like minded people for fact based, civil conversations about national, regional, and local issues. Their offices are based right here in the heart of Kansas City. It is a small organization that branched out on its own and is continually growing.

After a few discussions with the staff and UMKC mentor, my internship will consist of putting APS back onto the map. APS has been underrepresented and for my major project, I will collect and refocus the HISTORY of APS. Secondly, I will help APS find ways to get their name out into the community with more use of their media connections–whether it comes from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or restart their APS PODcast (which I feel could bring a larger audience to the table). Lastly, I will contribute with day-to-day office duties that require extra set of hands when needed.

I have already begun acquainting myself with APS and their operations this week and jumping into the History of APS project.

There is a lot of reorganizing and thinking of how I plan to build this to their standard. It is a standard that adheres to the community, donors, activists, and organizers.

To begin and not get overwhelmed, I just began to separate the material by topics, events, years, etc, This seems to be speeding the process up.

APS is also moving next week, so these extra hands will come in handy. SO, my project will probably not get as many hours as i like but we will see. So far, I have spent roughly 15 hrs.

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