To the Finish Line….

By Kathrine Miller

This will be my final posting. All I can say is my many thanks to the Mahaffie organization for the endless dedication and effort towards my first internship. It has been definitely a rememeberable one. I have learned more than I have ever thought I could in a single Summer with Katie right by my side providing the path towards success. I can say that my ultimate goals of losing the fear of speaking of front of people and learning amongst the historians who are out in the community were reached!. Thus, I can take what I have gained and return back to the classroom (for now) but in the long run use this experience within in my own career. I also have to thank Dr. Cantwell, for allowing me the opportunity in the first place, without your guidance and reassurance it would have been a whole different ballgame! Now I can call the staff @ Mahaffie are friends and I will return as a visitor to interpret the experience a whole different way. So, I leave you all now- saying that this was hard at times, I lost my weekends, my sleep, I had to work in traditional clothing on hot days and do some jobs that were not pretty. However, in the end, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!! Thanks, I will be seeing you soon! Kat Miller

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