UMKC Microscope 1

Dentistry is in reality, too precise to be performed with the naked eye; or even with low-powered or medium-powered magnification devices.

Transforming the precision of your cosmetic dental care.

With high-powered magnification and high-output surgical lights, the operating microscope gives the doctor the power to view the smallest of details.

The experience, training & precision you need.

Despite the obvious benefits, not very many dentists regularly use a dental microscope as part of their dental treatments. That being said, for our practice, the microscope is essential to having complete, quality information and optimal visibility. It’s also vital to our shared commitment to, and passion for, providing detailed, top-quality dental care. We are committed to precision dentistry and that is why we have used dental microscopes in our practice for many years.

UMKC Silver Dollar 5 •     To offer you a graphic visual concept, inspect the microscopic dot in front of this sentence. Do you see it? With our surgical team’s surgical microscopes, that microscopic dot could appear to the doctor to be the size of a silver dollar. And, that’s only a magnification of 50X. Because of this, we’re able to visually review the dental work, construct the most desirable treatment process and provide cosmetic restorations that are as close to perfection as we can perform.