Besides weekly studio masterclasses, students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City are often privileged with masterclasses given by world-class guest musicians. Students get to perform for and interact directly with these guests, and it is something we take pride in maintaining.


Past Guests:

Chicago Symphony – Daniel Gingrich
October 28, 2015

Daniel Gingrich

Presidio Brass
April 7, 2015

Boston Brass Quintet
February 5, 2015


San Francisco Symphony – Robert Ward
November 12, 2014


American Horn Quartet
November 4, 2014


Imani Winds
October 31, 2014


The President’s Own United States Marine Band
September 12, 2014


Center City Brass Quintet
April 9, 2014


Iowa Brass Quintet
April 4, 2012


St. Louis Brass Quintet
January 19, 2012


Kansas City Symphony Horns
November 16, 2011