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Faculty and Staff Awards

UMKC is proud to salute its faculty and staff for their many contributions in the areas of teaching, research and service. Please click on one of the areas on the left tool bar for additional award information including criteria and deadline.

10/3/17 Announcement from the Provost’s Office Regarding Campus Faculty Awards:

For the past several years, the provost’s office has overseen the campus-level faculty awards processes that include a fall nomination deadline and a spring celebration event. In 2016, based on results from the COACHE survey and recommendations from a faculty advisory committee, we expanded our recognition of faculty achievements by adding a fall Faculty Achievement Dinner that celebrates Promotion and Tenure, Endowed Professorships, Curators Awards, and other national/international distinctions. We held our second annual Faculty Achievement Dinner this fall and, like the first one, it was a huge success, highlighting the joy of recognizing faculty achievements in a forum where colleagues, spouses/partners, and children can join in the celebration.

In these ways, we have made great strides in the areas of faculty recognition and we are committed to continuing this mission. To that end, we are revising the campus awards process this year as follows: (a) with the exception of the Trustees and Veatch research awards (*see note below), we are moving the deadline for campus faculty awards to the spring semester, exact date TBA, but not earlier than March 1, (b) recipients of the campus awards will be celebrated in the fall semester at the Faculty Achievement Dinner, and (c) we will spend the next few months gathering input from faculty to carefully review our current set of awards to address critical questions including: Do we have the right number of awards? Are our awards aligned with our values/goals/mission?  Are there ways we can reduce nominator burden to increase the number of award nominations?

We are equally committed to reviewing and enhancing our processes for staff awards. For now, we are leaving the deadline for the staff award nominations unchanged, as November 1, but will be sending updates soon regarding a new event for celebrating our valuable and dedicated staff members. These decisions will be made in full partnership with Staff Council and with broad staff and faculty input.

*The campus-level awards for scholarship and creativity are the Trustee’s and Veatch Awards, managed by the Office of Research Services. The nomination deadline for those awards has typically been Oct 15th with the awards announced by the Trustees in early spring. For this year only, we will continue with a fall deadline for these awards but with the deadline extended to November 15th, and we will identify a second set of Trustee’s and Veatch awardees following a spring 2018 nomination deadline to align them with all other campus-level faculty awards going forward.

Please send any questions or concerns about this information to Interim Vice Provost Diane Filion at