Returning Student Assistant Excited for the Spring Semester

Ayyo meHey Everyone!  I’m BACK! My name is Ayomide Aruwajoye, for short I go by just Ayo. This is my second year at UMKC and my major is nursing, and I intend on becoming a pediatric Travel Nurse. I chose this profession because it’s been my dream to travel the world and getting paid to do it would be such a bonus. I chose to attend UMKC because of their high rates in the science departments, and because I wanted a change of environment from Saint Louis, where I have lived all my life.

I am interested and excited to work at the UMKC Women’s Center because it’s such a unique job. This job is truly one of a kind, the atmosphere in the Women’s Center is always joyful, captivating and interesting, which automatically makes you feel accepted. This semester I am looking forward to meeting more new people, learning new things, and making new relationships. I am so ready to see what the Women’s Center has in store for me! Make sure you Live, Love and Laugh!