New Look at the Women’s Center!

By Brenda Bethman

After four years, we decided it was time to update our website and other publications here at the Women’s Center. So starting today, we have a shiny new website, a new blog template, a new brochure, a new logo, and a new e-newsletter template on the way. The design was by Teresa Mandala of Bella Designs and was based on the work we did last year for the Women’s Center’s 40th Anniversary. We are, as always, thrilled with Teresa’s work and glad to be able to support female artists in Kansas City.

Because some of our pages require coding that is beyond my (Brenda’s) skill level, you will still run into a few pages that have the old look — but they will be updated soon, so please bear with us. If you come across any broken links, please email Brenda Bethman at to let us know.