Lauren Hill

Image sourced through Creative Commons via Google Images

Image sourced through Creative Commons via Google Images

By Torshawna Griffin

Lauren Hill was not just the name of a singer, but the name of a courageous 19 year old that showed the world that just because you are dying doesn’t mean that you must stop living.

In November 2013, Lauren was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that put an expiration date of two years on her life. However, Lauren didn’t let that kill her dream to play college basketball. She continued to work hard and to not let cancer win the battle. And just a year later on November 2, 2014, Lauren walked on the college court and made not only her first score as a college athlete, but the first basket of the game.

All odds were stacked against her, but she didn’t let that stop her. Before she succumbed to cancer, she donated more than 1 million dollars to the cancer fund, received an honorary doctorate, and showed the world that anything is possible. Lauren should be a great inspiration to all of us for what it means to have a dream a follow through with it. Lauren we will always remember you and your bravery. Rest in Peace, Lauren Hill, and continue to make lay ups in heaven! You were an incredible woman.