Women’s Center Internships Available for Fall 2012

Below is a list of internships available in the UMKC Women’s Center for fall 2012. All of these positions can be used to fulfill the requirements for the Women’s & Gender Studies Internship Program (WGS 484).  To apply for any of the positions, contact the Women’s & Gender Studies Internship Coordinator:

Dr. Brenda Bethman, Director, UMKC Women’s Center / Acting Director, Women’s & Gender Studies Program

105 Haag Hall / Phone: 816.235.1643 / E-Mail: bethmanb@umkc.edu

Click here for more information about the WGS Internship Program.

Hippo Project Internship

Note: This internship will be based at the UMKC Women’s Center, but will also coordinate with an outside agency and its program directors.

Hippo Project/Hippo Soap is looking for an intern to assist a young startup company with all phases of start up.  Hippo soap is a three-division project aimed at increasing economic development, wellness, and prosperity for women in developing countries and educating children about healthy behaviors that could potentially save their lives.  Division one of the project involves actual production of a product: goat’s milk soap (called Hippo Soap). The model is that the profits from the sale of soap here in the U.S. will go to fund the second and third division of the Hippo Project: economic development for women in Africa via the creation of a soap factory and soap sales to support the other phase of the project: the educational component. The third division of the project is the education of children in Mali about the important health benefits of washing hands. Soap from the economic development division of the project is then used by the educational division of the project to keep kids and families healthy.Hippo Project/Hippo Soap is looking for a motivated individual to help us with ALL components of business development and maintenance, including both administrative and creative development of this entire project.Duties include:

  • Searching for product materials;
  • Developing an accounting system;
  • Working with graphic designers to help develop the Hippo Soap product;
  • Research on other companies and charities also working to increase women’s economic development in foreign countries.
  • Interns will work closely with the two project developers to supply both research information and novel ideas to guide the development of this entirely new venture. We are looking for someone who can take very minimal direction and run with an idea.

The intern would be expected to be comfortable doing the following:

  • Research on women’s economic development in foreign countries;
  • Research on legal issues with business development in foreign countries (specifically in Africa);
  • Investigation of FDA rules and regulations in the US for cosmetics/soap;
  • Project management related to travel and special events for Hippo Soap;
  • Communication and scheduling between outside entities and Hippo Soap;
  • Investigation of financial resources for small business development in the US and abroad
  • Investigating soap production;
  • Gathering soap materials;
  • Product testing and production;
  • Working with the graphic designers to produce website and product packaging;
  • Development of interactive apps to convey the goals and function of the Hippo Project;
  • Assisting in internal finance and accounting matters.

Programming Intern

  • Assist with the development, coordination, and execution of Women’s Center events.

 Public Relations Intern

  • Assist with design and creation of marketing materials for Women’s Center programs including fliers, posters, posters, and event calendars
  • Assist with coordinating the distribution of fliers, posters, postcards, brochures, events calendar, and other advertising/marketing material on campus and in the surrounding area.
  • Assist with online publicity, including, but not limited to, website editing, listing Women’s Center events on community calendars, and updating the Women’s Center events calendar

 Her Art Project Intern

  • Assist with the development, coordination, and execution of programs for the Her Art Project including art exhibits, music and dance performances, lectures, panel discussions, etc.
  • Assist with publicity and marketing for above programs
  • Background in arts and familiarity with Kansas City arts community preferred

 Violence Prevention and Response Intern

  • Work with the Violence Prevention Coordinator to assist with the development, coordination and execution of all violence prevention programming.
  • Assist with publicity and marketing for above programs.
  • Assist Victim Services Adjudication Advisor with training and violence prevention education.

 Social Networking Intern

  • Assist with updating and monitoring the Women’s Center Social Networking sites including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.
  • Coordinate Social Networking efforts with marketing of all Women’s Center programs

 Blog Editor Intern

  • Assist with regular maintenance of the Women’s Center Blog
  • Write clear and critical blogs on relevant topics
  • Edit all staff blogs for content and grammar and post to Women’s Center blog on a regular basis
  • Strong writing skills required. Please submit writing samples.

 All interns are also responsible for:

  • Answering phones, directing calls, and taking messages. Record every incoming call onto the telephone and referral log located next to the phones.
  • Answering requests for information about the Center and our services, including referring victims/survivors of sexual assault, domestic/relationship violence, and/or stalking.
  • Assisting visitors with our library, including checking out and in books/videos.
  • Posting Women’s Center flyers.
  • Running business errands around campus.
  • Typing correspondence, labels, and forms on the computer.
  • Assist in keeping the Women’s Center in an orderly fashion. This includes, but is not limited to, organizing brochures, dusting, and general cleaning.
  • Posting event reminders, relevant articles and current events regarding women’s issues, and status updates to the Women’s Center social networks
  • Writing at least one blog per week on a relevant women’s issue
  • Attending ALL staff meetings.
  • Attending Women’s Center programs as needed/available.
  • Other tasks as assigned.