Gender Equality Produces a Double Dividend…

…it benefits both women and children. 

A recent article regarding women’s rights and global issues concluded that healthy, educated and empowered women have healthy, educated and confident daughters and sons. Gender equality will not only empower women to overcome poverty and live full and productive lives, but will better the lives of children, families and countries as well.

This statement really stood out to me because it is so true. Gender equality will show children today that they can achieve anything, no matter if you’re a girl or boy. We should all have the same opportunities in life. Bettering our children is always beneficial to our society, because generations to come will need to know the value of equality. Equality will bring stable homes, fairness in the workplace, and respect in the society as a whole.

People need to realize that being a strong educated woman now will set the tone for future generations. I strive to achieve that goal now, as I finish my last semester of college, I realize that I have been surrounded with women of high quality and poise such as my mother. She has always been there for me, and through her I can see that I can achieve my goals to the fullest.