Women Need Pockets

By Ann Varner

I like to buy men’s clothes, especially coats and shirts. Why? Because they have pockets. And not the pockets that can barely fit your pinky finger, I’m talking about real pockets that can actually hold essential items. Unless I’m wearing jeans (which is never because I don’t like them), I am wearing some sort of sweat pant, yoga pant, or legging. But these items rarely have pockets, and when they do they can only fit one small item.

This isn’t news to women. We become excited when a piece of women’s clothing has nice, big pockets for us to stash our stuff in. In fact, throughout history women’s clothing has never had the equivalent amount of pockets to men’s clothing. Why? Because pockets are “bulky” and don’t align well with the stitching that pulls our waists in. Personally, if you gave me the chance to choose between hauling a purse around all day or having leggings with pockets, I would absolutely choose the latter.

The pocket was introduced to men’s clothing in the 18th century. However, women were only given a small slit in their dress where they could hide their purse. It is theorized that part of the reason why women’s clothing hasn’t had “real” pockets is due to idea that the less women can carry without a purse, the less freedom they have. In the late 1800’s there was a brief period after the war when women’s clothing had pockets. During that time, it stood for independence but was quickly taken away. Now, as women we have grown so accustomed to not having pockets we haven’t stopped to ask why we don’t have them. Why don’t we have breast pockets in our coats to put our most valuable items? Men’s coats have them. Why are we expected to carry our items in a purse instead of having free hands like men do?

I’ve come to the realization that men’s clothes are not only cheaper, but they have more pockets and are better quality for the price. My closet is filled with men’s tops and jackets that I love. Sure, the tag may say “M” but that is the last thing I’m worried about when it’s sub-zero temperatures and my keys, gloves, phone, and hat can all fit in my deep, manly pockets.