Featured Artist: Beth Lo

by Matiara Huff

In honor of the 50 Women Exhibit, we have conducted an interview with Beth Lo, one of the 50 very talented artist involved in this exhibit.

Beth Lo is a ceramic artist based in Missoula, Montana. Much of bethloLo’s ceramic and mixed media artwork revolves around issues of family and her Asian ethnicity, culture and language. Lo uses calligraphy and references origami, mahjong and traditional Chinese pottery and figurines. Lo was invited to participate by Anthony Merino who was working with Alex Kraft, a former student:

It is always an honor to participate in an exhibition organized by the two of them, and it is an honor to be chosen as one of 50 Women who have made a contribution to the field of ceramics. The NCECA at Kansas City this year is a milestone event, and I’m happy to be represented in this way. I suspect attendance will be high.

The 50 Women Exhibit is the first large-scale exhibition of women’s contributions to ceramics, and aims to showcase the unprecedented amount of highly skilled women in ceramic arts. As a participant, Lo sees this as more than an opportunity for exposure, and and even sales. As a female artist, she believes women have much to add to ceramic arts:

I think women have played a major role in the development of ceramics in the contemporary art movement since about the 1950’s. There are an increasing number of professionals in teaching positions and in private studio situations, residency programs and art centers. I believe women have a unique viewpoint and maybe even a unique aesthetic to add to the “conversation” about ceramic art. Feminism in both the social and artistic arenas has been an important factor in the growth of women’s participation in the field.

View more on Beth Lo’s work on her website or wikipedia page. If you would like more information on the exhibit or the American Jazz Museum a link is provided here.

Featured Artist: Tip Toland

by Matiara Huff

In honor of the 50 Women Exhibit, we have conducted an interview with Tip Toland, one of the 50 very talented ceramicists involved in this exhibit.


African Child with Albinism

Tip Toland earned her BFA in Ceramics at the University of Colorado. She later earned an MFA in Ceramics from Montana State University. Her sculptures are hyper realistic and often larger than life. Her striking work and unique talent were showcased in the 50 Women Exhibit.

It’s a great honor to be included. I think many more could have been included though I don’t actually hope to accomplish anything from being included except to show people my work.

As a female ceramicist, she brings a unique experience and point of view to the table.

My experience as a woman in the field has been multi-faceted. I am very grateful to have had exposure and been asked to show my work. There are still so many really deserving women whose work is so good whose work need to be seen. I hope perhaps this show can promote that to happen.

If you would like more information on the exhibit or the American Jazz Museum a link is provided here. You can also view more of Tip Toland’s work here.

Come Celebrate 50 Women and their Stunning Ceramics

By Danielle Lyons

This event, spo50Years_logo.jpgnsored by the University of Missouri Kansas City Women’s Center and the American Jazz Museum showcases 50 diverse women artist from around the world and the contributions they are making to the ceramic arts. Special thanks goes out to the curators, Alex Kraft and Anthony Merino; two talented artist themselves. As well as Arzie Umali, assistant director of the UMKC Women’s Center, for organizing the event. The 50 Women: A Celebration of Women’s Contribution to Ceramics. The exhibit will be displayed through March 16th through May 13th. The artists on showcase are an array of diverse and hugely talented artists.

Come out and experience the beauty and art that these powerful women have created!