Catholic Charities

1112 Broadway

Kansas City, MO 64105


  • Counseling, adoption, mental health services, services for pregnant women, education/training, homeless prevention, foster care, and senior care services.

Della C. Lamb Neighborhood House

500 Woodland Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64106


  • Early education child care, adult education, senior services, transportation, youth activities and emergency assistance.

Educational Opportunity Center

3100 Main

Suite 100

Kansas City, MO 64111


  • Resume assistance, continuing education and GED referral and placement, college planning and selection, college admission and financial aid application assistance.

El Centro

650 Minnesota Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66101



  • Education, career counseling, childcare, computer training, job placement, senior citizen services, migrating education, translation services, emergency services, housing, keyboards to success, etc.

Kansas City Regional SRS Office

402 State Ave.

Kansas City KS 66101

(913) 279-7000

  • Social and rehabilitative services for Kansas residents, including: physical restoration, diagnosis and evaluation; supported employment; and vocational training, including college.

The Central Exchange

Downtown Location: The Central Exchange 1020 Central

Kansas City, Missouri 64105

(816) 471-7560

South Location: The Central Exchange 6201 College Blvd. Suite 245

Overland Park, Kansas 66211

(913) 253-0900

  • Presents educational programs designed to promote the personal and professional growth and development of women, and fosters community service and business leadership by women.

University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC)

Kansas City, MO 64110



Vocational Rehabilitation of Missouri

615 E. 13th Street

Room 409

Kansas City, MO 64106


  • Rehabilitative services mid-town only, including: physical restoration, diagnosis and evaluation; supported employment; community-based rehabilitation services for adjustment to blindness and attainment of alternative skills and vocational training, including college.

Women in Community Service, Inc.

1100 Main

Suite 1010

Kansas City, MO 64105


  • Network of women in community service that provide mentoring services as well as educational opportunities for women.

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