Co-Sponsorship Requests


The Women’s Center has limited funds available to help support programming relating to women’s or gender issues at UMKC. UMKC-affiliated units and student groups are invited to submit requests for such support. Co-sponsorship requests will be reviewed as they are received. Requests can be for cash or in-kind (e.g. hosting a lunch or informal meeting with the speaker, use of the Center for a presentation, etc.) support. Requests for retroactive funding will not be considered. All publicity for co-sponsored events must mention the assistance of the Women’s Center and should include the Women’s Center logo when possible. Copies of flyers, announcements, and the like must be supplied to the Center’s office.

Request for funding can be submitted via email to and must include the following information:

Describe the nature and the topic of the event, including how the event will benifit women at UMKC

  • Name(s) of presenter(s) (you may be asked to provide a summary of the presenter’s qualifications, biography or CV)
  • Date and time of program
  • Program location
  • Amount being requested
  • Amount being covered by other organizations.

Co-sponsorship requests will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • consistency of proposed event with the Women’s Center mission and goals;
  • relevance of scholarly and professional credentials of speaker to proposed topic (if pertinent);
  • preference will be given to events that enhance the educational experience of women.

Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

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