We Can Do Hard Things

by Jenna Gilio

Glennon Doyle is a best-selling author, activist, blogger, and founder of charity Together Rising. She is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister. She is a thinker, an ally, an inspirational speaker. Her words have touched the lives of so many of her readers and listeners. At the start of the pandemic, she released her third novel, titled Untamed. It was in this book that she coined the phrase, “We can do hard things.” This simple, but profound, phrase became the mantra and “rally cry,” as Glennon puts it, for millions of readers across the world.

Glennon recently announced some very exciting news. She and her sister, Amanda, have banded together to discuss and sort through various difficult topics in their new podcast titled, you guessed it, “We Can Do Hard Things.” So far, Glennon and Amanda have explored anxiety, boundaries, infidelity, fun, addiction, stress, and conflict. Glennon’s promise to her readers is this: “On ‘We Can Do Hard Things,’ my sister, Amanda, and I will do the only thing I’ve found that has ever made life easier: We will drop the fake and talk honestly about the hard. Each week we will bring our hard to you and we will ask you to bring your hard to us and we will do what we were all meant to do down here: Help each other carry the hard so we can all live a little bit lighter and braver, more free and less alone.” I will be spending the next several weeks reporting my thoughts and findings to you as I listen to “We Can Do Hard Things” each Monday. If you are interested in joining my “pod-squad,” you can listen to “We Can Do Hard Things” through most podcast services, including Apple Podcasts, Audible, and Spotify.





Jenna Gilio Joins Women’s Center This Summer

By Jenna Gilio

Hey there! My name is Jenna Gilio. I am so excited to be writing to you as one of the newest staff members here at the Women’s Center! I am a middle school teacher in the Kansas City Public School District and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at UMKC. In my free time, I enjoy reading, gardening, listening to podcasts, and taking trips to the dog park with my two dogs, Bella and Collins. As a former Culinary Arts teacher, I love cooking, trying new recipes, and most importantly, eating yummy foods! My favorite food blogger is The Minimalist Baker. Check her out sometime!

When I graduate from UMKC next year, I hope to continue working with college students at UMKC. I love the community at UMKC, the focus on inclusivity and the celebration of diversity. For me, college was such an important and developmental time, and I hope to one day walk alongside students as they navigate their own college experience.

I was drawn to the Women’s Center because I want to support and learn how to be a better advocate to my sisters on the UMKC campus. I love that the Women’s Center offers a safe space to those who are seeking refuge, provides resources to those who aren’t sure where to find them, and strives to promote awareness of the women’s issues so many college women face today. I am so excited to be a part of the Women’s Center mission this Summer. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!