Hooters "Policy" on Domestic Violence

This is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong:


How do the corporate stakeholders of Hooters not see this as being terrible publicity and a horrible practice? Oh yeah, they’re corporate stakeholders of Hooters.
I find this to be completely appalling, and I can’t think why no one has gone back and fired the jerk who said this:

“I don’t know any restaurateur who would want somebody totally bruised up waiting on his customers.”

Some of the comments on this one are interesting – with information from previous Hooters’ waitresses and the rules book. But also some sad ones that continue to blame the woman.

Makes me mad just thinking about it.

Women High on Obama's List?

So I don’t know how anyone else has been feeling about the incoming president, but I have to say, after seeing some of his appointees, and then also reading about some plans of his, I’m feeling pretty good about how women are going to fare in all of this.
One of his latest appointees:

Obama for fair pay:

Now if we can just get some more family-friendly policies in place, we’ll be cooking!

Kennedy for Senator?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a hard time hearing Caroline Kennedy being compared to women in general in any sense, not just in the “mommy wars” (I hate that term, but it’s what they use on the header of this web page) sense.


I think Traister is right on in saying that Belkin is doing a poor job of making a comparison between groups/people that really shouldn’t be compared. Apples and oranges people. Or apples and some very high priced fruit – maybe kiwi?

Women Can't Say "I Love You"?

I totally saw the original article referred to in this post on CNN and about fell over:

I can’t believe that a reputable news source would even publish something like this ridiculous piece. I find it sad that time after time the general public is exposed to maxims like these about both genders and continues to believe it. Not only is this telling women what they should and shouldn’t do in a relationship, but it’s also telling men how they should feel.


Here We Go Again

At first glance, the efforts at preventing teen dating prevention described in this New York Times article seem like great ideas. Until you realize that “prevention” once again means changing the behavior of girls who are being abused, despite the fact that all of the murder victims mentioned in the article are girls. Perhaps the states’ efforts would be better spent by working to change the behavior of abusers instead of victims?

Boys Will be Boys?

Wow, way for this Seattle school district to enforce those damaging “boys will be boys,” but “girls should be chaste” stereotypes we all thought (okay, maybe hoped is a better word) we were starting to outgrow:

What I can’t believe is that even after being questioned, they’re planning on defending themselves against this. Do you think any male that had nude photos of himself being passed around would be suspended from the football team? How can they think this is okay?


In the past, when I have done educational presentations with students, they tend to underrate or disbelieve the actual number of women who are victims/survivors of sexual assault. When questioned further, they state that if that many sexual assaults were occurring, you’d hear about it more often. You’d think.

But then you have a case like this:


And you can start to see where it might be a little harder than people think to report an assault. While I know there will be some people out there that argue this case is far from clear cut, especially with her committing illegal acts herself, I think you could easily stretch these same issues to victims/survivors who have used drugs, been drinking underage, been someplace they’re not supposed to be, consented to some sexual acts but not all, etc. The truth is, it is much harder to file a report for sexual assault and then move past this harmful act than most people ever consider. Who can blame someone who just wants to get on with her/his life instead of having their name dragged through the mud while trying to prove that they indeed said “no”?

What are your thoughts on this?