Ebony Taylor Joins Women’s Center Staff

By Ebony Taylor

Hi! My name is Ebony Taylor. I am a senior this semester and graduating in the Spring of 2022. I started my academic journey as a transfer student from Mizzou, on track to get a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. After my mom was diagnosed a second time with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, UMKC warmly welcomed me as a Roo during my sophomore year. My advisors and professors helped me succeed as a student while I took care of my mom.

Three years later, my mom is cancer-free, and I am enjoying my last semester as a Roo! After graduation, I plan to attend a Physician Assistant program, preferably somewhere with more stable weather than Kansas City. I did not have as much of a “college experience” as my peers did, only getting involved when I had free time, which was rare in my beginning years at UMKC. You may recognize me from working at Swinney with UMKC Athletics or from a class in the past, but now you can find me at the Women’s Center!

I first came across the Women’s Center on Instagram when I noticed the events and programs offered catering to the topic of women’s inequality. Growing up, it was standard that women had to protect themselves, watch their surroundings, and be on alert at any time in their lives. The pressing issue did not come into focus until my first year of college. I attended a predominantly white institution, or PWI, with a history of racial injustice. On the campus tour, a few students told my group that there were certain places that black students should avoid on campus. I realized there was a real problem with inequality because of what I identified as. I had to be on high alert because I was a woman, because I was a woman in college, and because I was a woman who was Black. These were all vastly different classifications not to be confused with each other. After taking a global health course, I learned more about women and gender issues. I hope to learn more about protecting, advocating, and supporting all of those embraced through the Women’s Center. I enjoy all things Greek mythology and am a big Harry Potter fan. I believe books are always better than the movies, and I am always up for new ways to showcase my artistic skills!