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Alyssa Bradley Joins Women’s Center as Social Media Intern

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By Alyssa Bradley

Hello everyone! I am Alyssa Bradley (she/her), a senior at UMKC. This is my second year at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and I am just loving it. I transferred here after attending classes at UCM to develop my career as an Interpersonal Communication Studies major. I have lived in KCMO for about 10 years now, got really comfortable, and wanted to move back to the city to be around my family while still pursuing my degree.

Eventually after graduation, I would like to embark on a career journey fighting and advocating for issues of social reform around the world. I have been lucky enough to travel to a few countries outside of the United States and my heart and mind were thrilled with the things I discovered. These experiences ignited a fire within me that made me want to help others and understand people. Working for a nonprofit that brings care and compassion into our communities is a lifelong goal of mine. I have strong passions for animals, art, and the freedom to be as we are.

The Women’s Center sparked my interest when their message or goals as a Center became clear. The Center’s drive for providing support and security for an individual going through personal struggles piqued my interest. I thought I could be that someone who can help others in need. I want to get to know my fellow classmates and help understand and squash the issues that many people and students go through.

Outside of school you can find me venturing to new places around KC, playing with my cat, doing arts and crafts, and relaxing with a good movie or show.