Our Fall 2021 Editor: Logging Off

By Ace Garrett

With my internship coming to a close, the end of the semester feels like a goodbye—but now I actually get the wonderful opportunity to interact with the Women’s Center as many of you do, as a student. I am sure to keep stopping by for coffee, to borrow a fork, and to study or read a book on our couch. I will continue to be one of the Center’s biggest fans. 

But there are some endings: I will no longer be contributing to this blog, or working with the rest of our wonderful staff. Though I will be happy to have more time for my studies (and sleep), I am so glad to have gotten this opportunity. In the introduction post I wrote mere months ago, I mentioned that I am aspiring to be a copyeditor. Since then I have gotten experience working directly with writers, organizing and managing deadlines, and editing, of course. I have picked up more time-management skills and social skills. I have become much more confident in my my ability to hold a position of authority and in my competence as an editor. This internship has certainly better prepared me for my future, and for that I am thankful.

And all this doesn’t even take into account the joy I’ve felt advocating for gender equity. Although I was not very involved in the Women Center’s wonderful programming this semester, I know that the posts I edited and wrote are making a difference in their own way. I hope students will use this blog—the posts from this semester and beyond—to find support and growth. And I am proud to have left a little bit of myself here. 

Keep learning. Keep chasing empathy.
Thank you for all you do,