This is *NOT* a Goodbye

By Brianna Green

I started working at the Women’s Center in the fall of 2020. We started off the semester working in the center but eventually had to move everyting online. We stayed online until the academic year was almost over. Although that year was pretty virtual, I still got to assist with amazing programs like Walk A Mile, Denim Day, and bringing take-away arts and crafts to the residential halls. I was able to learn a lot and even connect with some coworkers virtually.

Skip to this semester, Fall 2021, and it’s been a completely different experience. It’s been incredible to see what the Women’s Center can do in a semi-regular year. There’s been so many tabling events, healing art programs, and many laughs shared by the staff. Although I will not be returning in the spring, I’m still going to participate in the incredible events I know will be had.

My time at the Women’s Center has taught me how to create and implement a program, run a social media campaign, and how to manage multiple responsibilities all at once, and it’s been a very good experience overall. As I mentioned, I won’t be returning as a staff member in the spring, but I still plan to stop by events and the center to see the staff that I’ve gotten so close to this semester. So, this is not a goodbye, just a see you later.