Leaving the Center, Not the Fight

By Brooke Davidoff

Working at the Women’s Center has helped me realize that even today a lot of work needs to be done to give women an active voice in their lives. I have learned that balancing a new life in the middle of a pandemic is mentally and emotionally exhausting, but that art can bring us together.

On multiple days I have watched art projects positively transform college students’ day. I have seen strangers bond at tables while coloring Shrinky Dinks in between class. I will be adding Art Therapy to my list of classes to take for clients I hope to work with in the future.

I have enjoyed being involved in the multiple art experiences we have provided and participated in over the semester. We have touched many topics that have impacted me and close friends of mine, from Trans Awareness Week to Domestic Violence Awareness Month and The Clothesline Project.

I will not be returning to The Women’s Center in the Spring, but my education towards female health care equality will continue. I plan to transfer to Oregon State University in Bend in the Fall 2022 to complete my degree in Human Services and work with newly diagnosed HIV Positive Women. My fight to silence stigma and to protect those who are afraid to speak out is not over.