Aurora Joins the Women’s Center Staff

By Aurora Wilson

Hi everybody! My name is Aurora Wilson (she/her) and I am incredibly excited to be joining the Women’s Center. I was born and raised in Grain Valley, Missouri which is small town about 30 minutes away from KC. I am a freshman this year and am majoring in Political Science. Living in a small town for all my life, I cannot begin to explain how overjoyed I am to be attending a university devoted to diversity and inclusion. I am looking forward to meeting new people and growing as individual through new experiences.

I have always had an interest in women’s rights. I can remember, in sixth grade, getting in arguments with fellow classmates when they said, “girls can do this” or “girls aren’t allowed to do that.” I can recall feeling angry and offended but I was more confused than anything else of why I wasn’t allowed to do certain things just because I was a girl. As I have grown older and learned more, I have discovered the intricacies of feminism and critical need for the education of Women’s rights for everyone. The Women’s Center encompasses this. I am looking forward to learning more about feminism and holding events to help disperse that knowledge. I can’t wait to meet new students and community members and share all resources the Women’s Center has to offer!

When I am not busy with school and work, I love to hang out with friends, read, listen to music and podcasts, and workout. I love to read pretty much anything and try to explore all the different subjects. I like to listen to indie- folkish music, rap, RnB, pop and my current favorite artist is Taylor Swift. I really love doing yoga and hiking and anything that will get me outdoors. I also have a cat who I am obsessed with and miss very dearly but I do force my parents to send me daily pictures of her.  Thanks for letting me share a bit about myself and I hope to see you all in the future!